Do You Worship The Batman?

I try to keep this blog about gaming, but some things are just so good they need to be shared. First of all, have a quick read of this news article. Don't worry, it's only short.

Here is all I have to say on the subject...

And the lord Bruce said to his disciples “Go forth my children, and look not upon me as an icon, nor a role model, nor an inspiration. Be inspired by not by my tales of one man against many, nor should you be entertained by them. You should instead attend at Westboro Baptist church, whereupon you will be subjected to two hours of hypocrisy at sub zero temperatures, where you will be incited to support the death of thousands of your own people, and venerate the persecution of homosexuals and closed mindedness. Woe my children! Think not of how my message teaches the youth that they should stand up for what is right, regardless of the odds. Think not of how my material entertains millions of adults in its many forms, providing escapism from a life of drudgery. Go now you lost lambs, go unto the cold, limp embrace of the Westboro Baptist church, and learn that regardless of what you think, ‘tis more important to dedicate your life to a two thousand year old message that has been corrupted and perverted by evil men throughout the ages, than to spend some time enjoying a comic book, or a movie, or a television show starring Adam West. Renounce all these things, and not just the shitty Joe Shumaker films, especially that three headed abomination starring George Clooney.”

Thus spake the Lord Bruce, and ended “And you shall know, that my name is THE GOD DAMN BATMAN, when I lay may vengeance upon thee.”

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  1. Foxie says:

    Ah, Westbro. The comic relief of the religious revival in the U.S.

    They're probably just bitter because Jesus of Nazareth came along and did a massive reboot/retcon on the Bible. Seriously, the God of Sodom and Gomorrah goes and sacrifices his only son to absolve humanity of all their sins? Not even Marvel would pull shit like that.

    Foxie says:

    Looks like the Comic-Con goers had something to say about it...

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