My Most Hated Videogame Design Flaws

I spend a lot of my time when I write about videogames picking apart the really negative aspects of even great games. My review of Nier being a fine example of cynical nature, although in all fairness, it is a dire game. While I don't consider myself a critic, I do complain a lot, and I've noticed there are certain issues that keep cropping up with videogames time and time again.So I've created this list of 6 of my biggest annoyances with videogames.If you're looking at designing a videogame, then take these on board.I don't have any professional qualifications to support these opinions, but at the end of the day I've been playing videogames since shortly after I started walking and reading.So, in no particular order:

1.Quick time events.

People who've watched the video review of me and Betamax (drunkenly) reviewing Bayonetta, will know that I hate quick time events with a passion.I've also railed on these in Dante's inferno too.The problem I have with them is that they are, quite simply pointless.There's no skill involved in a quick time event, you just need to either mash a button as fast as you can, or press it quickly when it appears on screen.This is all about an arbitrary test of reflexes, or how quickly you can push a button.

Quick time events can work in videogames, for example the last remnant does them pretty well.One of the Naruto games on the 360 also makes creative use of quick time events as a sort of versus event between two players.The problem is that they often crop up totally out of the blue (resident evil 4 and 5) and the only function they serve is to make you reload your game because you were not expecting them, often interrupting entertaining 'catch a breather' cut scenes when they do.The other problem is the fact that they are often put into situations where they have no purpose at all.Look at the doors in Dante's inferno, something that prompted a big rant in my video review of that game.Why?Why do you need a QTE to open a door?What's the point?What does it add to the game?

There's also the fact that after a motorcycle crash a few years back, my hands are f###ed.It's really hard for me to do those mashing button sequences, and I'm not the only person out there with joint problems.

In summary, if you want to use quick time events, make them a part of the gameplay itself, and always ask two important questions; do I need player interaction at this point, and why is a quick time event best suited to this situation?

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