Finished Dragon Age: Origins

There's something very sad about finishing a game you have really enjoyed. This is especially true of RPGs, the effort that goes into creating characters and story, and the length of time you're playing mean you can get quite involved with everything that's going on. Once that comes to an end, you're left wanting more, but you can't get it. Sometimes you can get expansion packs or there may even be direct sequels, but even they will eventually be exhausted.

I think loathing the fact a game has finished is one of the highest compliments you can give a developer.

I just finished Dragon Age: Origins, and I am not a happy bunny. While I do have a few qualms about the writing towards the end (some of the side quests just seemed lazy), on the whole it was very well executed and I enjoyed the entire experience immensely. The last few battles in Denerim where very frustrating though, and I didn't care for the whole army mechanic, especially as the Dalish where about as useful as a mercury tea cup. Plus the last fight against the arch demon was a little anticlimactic. He's been built up and up over the course of the game and I walked all over him. Mind you, I did save the mage support for that battle and they seemed to do most of the work.

These are just nit picking though. Honestly it was a great experience and I'm sad I didn't complete the game sooner. I've already ordered Awakening on Steam and I'm planning on spending the next few days of my life playing it religiously, as I have done with Dragon Age: Origins over the past couple of weeks.

In case you're wondering I had Alistair kill the arch demon (he wanted to do it so why not), I put Anora on the throne, and Morrigan left because there was no way in hell I was letting her raise a child with the potential to be as powerful as a God. The epilogue was mostly positive, but I forgot to kill the dragon at Haven which caused a few people some hassle, and Orzimmar has apparently seen better days after Harrowmont took over.

Kudos to you Bioware, I look forwards to Awakening.

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