Metro and Chaos rising

I bought chaos rising last weekend in a special offer on steam, and I finished it a few hours ago. I have to say that I'm Petty impressed. I do really like DoW II, it reminded a lot of the old commandos series- squad based tactical warfare, minus the heavy emphasis on stealth. Speaking of stealth though I think my favourite unit in the game is Cyrus. It's odd because my lineup nearly always consists of My commander, Tarkus, Avitus and option 4 alternates depending on the mission, Cyrus if I think I'm going to need to take down enemy buildings, and Thule if its going to be a straight up slugfest.

Despite the fact he's not in my permenant line up, Cyrus represents the best tactical unit in any RTS I 've played- he works like a special ops unit should- sneaking ahead of the main force and tearing down the enemy's defences before the main strike finishes them off. Sure he needs micro managing, but plop the rest of your strike team nearby and somewhere out of the way, and that isn't an issue. If the shit hits the fan, they can come in and rescue him.

He gets even more fun as his level goes up. sneak in at full speed, chuck a demo pack into a bunker and then sneak off without being seen, saving the main strike team a whole lot of hurt from a hardened firebase. the inflintration skill is reliable unlike commandos in many other RTS titles, and with the correct wargear and a few levels he can cripple an enemy line before you attack. Brilliantly done.

The story is solid, basic, but very well executed and very much in keeping with 40K as a mythos, the controls are pretty good, but squads can sometimes ignore your orders entirely. The game crashed a few times, but that might be my PC overheating in this hot weather. All in all, Chaos rising was a very good expansion pack, but being the puritan that I am, I didn't use any of the chaos wargear, so I think I missed a trick there. But the wargear I had worked fine, so it's not like I NEEDED to use it.

Metro 2033 on the other hand is proving to be a dissapointment. It has a lot of the same problems that STALKER had, somewhat ironically. To be fair to it though, I don't generally like FPS games anyway, so the chips where stacked against it to begin with. There's nothing in it to really keep me playing, and now the training wheels have coem off, I'm just finding the game too hard. This isn't metro's fault though, it's becuase I don't play many FPS games, and so consequently suck at them. I've already talked about my likes and dislikes of metro in my last post, but to be honest I think I'm going to give it back to Betamax, who was kind enough to lend it to me.

It's not a bad game, it's just not for me. That said though, I would very much like to read the novel.

Nothing is comming out for a month or two that even vaugley interests me, so I'm going to buy red dead redemption on payday and take that for a spin. Sounds like it's got some real potential.

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