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Well, here it is again. Another blog I've set up, but this time it's going to be a little different. Normally I open a blog, and make about 3 posts before leaving it to rot, then delete it 3 months later.

However, in recent months, my various scribbles all over the internet have been helping to keep me in beer. so, I think it's time to open a blog dedicated to the topic that has brought me so much joy and booze money- Videogames.

What's so special about this blog? Nothing. It's just yet another blog by another gamer who's convinced that he has some deep profound insight into the digital world that needs to be shared with everyone. When will it be updated? Sporadically. Most of my writing goes to places like Triond and Bukisa where I can get some scran for it. But some thoughts need to be shared, and are not really suitable for professional articles.

Such intellectual skits shall find a suitable home here.

So, how about the title eh? Well, being a blog it needs some degree of pretention in the title, and the word is of course a play on the old trope of 'the last angry man'. Why content? Because juxtaposition is funny. Why a space marine? Because space marines, or some variation thereof appear in almost every videogame released these days.

Yeah, alright I just pulled the title out of my arse when I decided to open this blog. Why yes, I am British, why do you ask?

So, our first topic then is Alpha protocol. The new spy RPG from Obsidian. More specifically how this game typifies Obsidian's design philosophy. In short, alpha Protocol would be a brilliant game if it wasn't for the endless stream of bugs, second rate graphics, crappy AI and poor control.

Sounds like a self defeating statement, but there are some brilliant ideas under the hood in Alpha Protocol. The issue is not the ideas and principles of the game, but rather the fact it feels rushed and incomplete. The engine shakes like a Parkinson’s victim on an arctic voyage, the graphics are like half life two on a Sunday and the whole feel of the game is very stiff and there's a distinct lack of polish. Oh and bugs out a lot too.

I'll have a video review of Alpha Protocol up for you soon, but in the meantime if you want to see some gameplay, here's a quick video guide for one of the bosses I made (you can bump it up to 1080 if you like):

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