Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood- Retrospective On Initial Reactions.

It seems my fears about Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood may well have been unfounded. When I discovered that Ubisoft where not advancing the plot, I assumed padding was afoot- however, after reading through an article in OXM, I am satisfied that Ubisoft actually feel this is the best way to proceed.

For starters, the changes are nowhere near as serious as I thought. The combat is getting a major overhaul, but the emphasis seems to be on higher stakes with higher rewards, as well as making enemies tougher through better tactics and AI. This I support- a good challenge is the key to any good videogame, and a good payoff makes it even better. In this case, Ubisoft have mentioned something called a ‘rage combo’ whereby you can insta-kill enemies over and over until one breaks your flow.

I do enjoy the way combat flows in Assassin’s creed 2, and if that concept is being built on, so much the better. Of course, this will also tie the ‘feel’ of combat more closely into the rest of the games free running ethos.

Visually, the game also looks very sharp, but to be honest I think we’ve reached the peak of 360 graphics. Saying a game looks good anymore is pointless- unless of course the developers have gone for the tricky (yet potentially rewarding) route of stylized graphics.

The multiplayer too, appears to be looking strong. The article mentions one mode, hunter in which players are all disguised as civilians and must locate and kill each other without giving themselves away. This sounds very interesting, even to a misanthrope like me who loathes playing on XBL.

I'm still not happy with the fact there's no hint as to how, or even if, the meta plot will advance in any meaningful way. But I'm sure Ubisoft know what they're doing.

I won’t go into this any further, as otherwise I would be essentially reproducing OXM’s article ad verbatim, and plagiarism is not something I condone for any reason. Go out and buy the mag if you want more info, but the bottom line is this- I’m now actively looking forwards to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

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