Guess who's back!

Wow. It’s been a very long time since my last post. You’ll need to forgive me I’m afraid, I’ve been going through a rough patch, so this blog as been fairly low on my priority list. Still, hopefully, I’m now back, so huzzah!

There’s nothing really special about gaming that I want to talk about specifically, instead I’m going to explain my new schedule. Simply put, I will be making at least one post of 500 words or more each week here, and I fully intend to make at least one video each week too. Given the shrinking size of my videogame collection owing to poor circumstances though, these may sometimes need to be riffs or rants as opposed to informative reviews. Sorry about that.

So, I’ll keep this one short and sweet, thanks for sticking with me, and here’s my review of Fight Night: Champion.

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  1. Foxie says:

    Nice review!

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