Remember Me Review

Well that's Remember Me finished. All in all? Not that good.

There was obviously a lot of effort put into it, and some parts of a great game are in there, but they just don't fit together all that well. The setting is well realised but the characters are forgettable and bland, with no real depth to them. The combat is well put together but the enemy design is often extremely annoying and fiddly. The platforming is insulting easy as are most of the puzzles- I don't think I ever needed to disengage autopilot once through this game. I coasted through the entire thing.

The memory remix sequences are a really cool idea and a puzzle concept I've never seen before- alter subtle things in an event to change the outcome. Sadly they clash with the writing; which in general, is poor. It has plot holes you can drive a bus through and nonsense a three year old could call out. Most of the problems come from the game's ideas around treating memory like a piece of digital information. While the concept is pretty slick, the way they play with it is not. Specifically, the aforesaid memory remixes are treated more like changing a timeline than a memory. It's bordering on idiot plot as many of the character should notice instantly that their memories of a certain event don't add up because events following that event would make no logical sense. The game sort of nods to this in that the remix puzzles can trigger a 'memory bug', I.E an impossible series of events, but really the entire thing is a nonsense. Which is sad, as the core idea is nicely done and the game play mechanics surrounding it are great- it just needed more polish to get it to fit the real world better.

 All in all Remember Me is worth picking up on sale if you like sci fi and Arkham Asylum style melee combat (with some creative yet sometimes badly executed enemy concepts), but don't expect to be thrilled by the narrative. It has a lot of heart, but it just doesn't quite cut the mustard.

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